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Kooperation Rheinenergie Nelskamp


Smart solar panels and photovoltaic systems

For efficient heating and power supply

Cologne-based RheinEnergie is committed to reducing the CO2 emissions of German citizens in connection with electricity, heat and mobility by 2030. To achieve this objective the utility company has partnered with Nelskamp, the leading German manufacturer of solar panels and photovoltaic systems.

The new collaboration enables the two companies to offer uncomplicated and compatible energy concepts, from roof panels to heating systems, to home and apartment block owners.



and calculation

The experts at RheinEnergie and Nelskamp will be teaming up with building contractors, architects, facility managers and planners to develop optimum energy supply concepts for specific building types.



technical planning

The solutions, from PV systems with solar inverters and power storage units to modern heating systems, will be tailored to the building’s requirements – from detached home to apartment block.




The installation work will be performed by regional trades enterprises, guaranteeing short delivery distances that contribute to a reduction in carbon emissions from the outset.



and hand-over

Nelskamp and RheinEnergie will coordinate the projects hand over a ready-to-use system to the property owner on either a purchase or lease basis.

Advantages for property owners

Advantages for property owners

Single sourcing of complex PV and heating systems

Perfectly compatible systems that require no planning

Custom solutions for any type of building or roof

Optimisation of solar energy consumption and energy costs

Roof-integrated solutions offer impressive design advantages

PV systems for listed buildings are also possible

Ulrich Nelskamp Inhaber Fa Nelskamp

Ulrich Nelskamp

This regional supply partnership for solar panels and PV systems is a project that is very close to my heart. Nelskamp is a long-established company that can make its vast expertise available to many of the households in the region looking for a climate-friendly solution that is reliable, transparent and saves costs.


Detailed information about our roof tile portfolio, services and technical details can be found on our website.

Peter Neuhaus, Rheinenergie

Peter Neuhaus, Rheinenergie

Carbon emission reduction through our partnership isn’t a vision, it’s a reality. Eco-friendly energy supply is a technically complex undertaking that we achieve by providing single-source, combined solutions that conveniently bundle solar energy generation with efficient heating technology.

Energieversorgung aus einer Hand


Marketing alliance with sector leaders

Our marketing alliance with leading enterprises in the conventional and renewable energy sectors allows us to offer customers an integral energy concept, from initial plan to turnkey system. Aesthetically appealing PV roofs with smart technology are specially designed for use with solar inverters, power storage units, heat pumps and heating systems.


We deliver sustainable energy supply concepts that meet the highest standards of quality to our customers.



Power storage units

Power storage units

Heat pumps

Heat pumps

Heating systems

Heating systems

Solar thermal energy

Solar thermal energy

Peter Neuhaus, Rheinenergie

Planum PV - aesthetic and avant-garde

Nelskamp’s smooth, modern roof tile, Planum, in a PV version. Both the PV tile and the regular tile can be combined into an architecturally appealing whole. The Planum PV module is slightly smaller, providing a tiling width of 1.5 m, which allows the more effective utilisation of the roof area, particularly on hipped and pavilion roofs.

Solar brick G10 Pv - For a flat cover picture

Solar tile G10 PV - for a uniform roof appearance

Are you looking for a new roof covering that unites modern design, sustainability and profitable technology? The G10 PV system combines all three, and is hardly noticeable on the roof. The overlapping G10 PV modules, like the smooth tiles, lie directly on the roof lathing for a uniform and even overall appearance.

Peter Neuhaus, Rheinenergie

Zep-Solar brick - solar solution also for monument protection

When you look at the roof it’s impossible to distinguish between the conventional clay roof tiles and the PV tiles with integrated PV cells that generate electricity. In this concept, the photovoltaic system merges with the roof.

These tiles are the first choice when roof aesthetics are a priority. Solar tiles are also often used in projects that have to meet special building law requirements such as those that apply to listed buildings.

2 Power - Strom und Wärme aus einem Modul

2 Power - one module delivering both electricity and heat

In the past, homeowners who wanted to generate both electricity and heat on their roofs needed two independent systems – one to produce solar thermal energy, and one to generate solar power. The result was a busy-looking roof and a lack of space. Most therefore faced a choice between using their roof space to generate either electricity or heat.


2Power combines both solar power and solar thermal energy. It works on the dual principle of generating electricity and utilising heat to achieve maximum energy yield.

Sparsame Energie für unsere Region

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